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Required skills
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For one of our clients we are looking for a Data Migration Consultant / Developer Main Task: Client wants to migrate collateral management processes from Algo Collateral V4.8 to Colline in order to achieve operational synergies. Existing data structures in Algo need to be mapped to Colline data structures in order to migrate the collaterals. The, migration routines need to be developed (likely in open source technology called Talend). International project setup likely with contact to UK, India and Germany. Task Description: Data Migration consultants (previous experience with both Algo Collateral v4.8 and/or Colline data architectures Required Skills: knowledge of Algo Collateral 4.8 is a must. Alternatively or in addition also Colline or Talend Language Abilities: Project language is going to be English Start: 1-15 July 2013 Location: Frankfurt Duration: 12 months +