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Ihre Aufgaben: The Solution Architect Smart Metering should ensure that competitive solutions are provided to customers as a result of a project Responsibilities during Sales and Project Implementation Phase: The main responsibility is to ensure that all deliveries to customer, which also include documents, solution proposals, offers etc, are made in a Professional way from a solution point of view, all in order to get satisfied customers and secure profitability for EVB. The responsibilities are described as: * Supporting the sales organization as an expert in the solution portfolio This includes: * To write and review Statement of Compliance documents and customer solution descriptions * To contribute at customer visits äs the solution and technical expert * To make solution presentations * To define and produce functional requirement specifications * Together with the project manager identify scope and cost estimation * Participate in customer projects, handling scope, risks, changes and customer expectations * Define, manage and verify solutions in customer projects, including handling and management of third party products and suppliers * Identify new business opportunities Main Activities during Sales and Project Implementation Phase: The main tasks for the Solution Architect are to participate in identifying customer solutions, support sales as a bid team member for technical solution and Services and to participate in projects as technical and solution responsible. Same typical activities are: * Analyze the customer's business processes and requirements * Propose solution scenarios with identified components * Perform dimensioning analysis based on customer requirements * Estimate costs for customer adaptations / customizations * Collect and document customer requirements, of which functional requirements are one part * Prepare and write solution descriptions * Participate in meetings with customers on solution issues * Handle change requests related to the solutions * If needed, evaluate 3PP to be used in the solution * Secure the functionality and technical quality of deliveries in customer projects * Handle change requests and the consequences of such requests for delivered offers and/or ordered deliveries from a solutions point of view Voraussetzungen: * Abgeschlossenes Studium der Informatik, Elektrotechnik oder einer vergleichbaren Fachrichtung * 2-3Jahre Berufserfahrung * Fundierte Kenntnisse in Datenbanken * Erfahrung in IT und Datenprozesslösungen (Microsoft Server, Microsoft SQL Server, usw.) * Idealerweise Kenntnisse in Messtechnik * Verhandlungssicher in Deutsch und Englisch Eintrittsdatum: 11.09.2013 Einsatzort: Metropolregion Nürnberg Ansprechpartner/-innen: Herr Alexander Abel Niederlassung: nur für Premium-Mitglieder nur für Premium-Mitglieder Niederlassung Nürnberg