Senior Project Manager / Infrastructure / Networking / Security

Ich arbeite als Senior Project Manager / Infrastructure / Networking / Security Freie Mitarbeit

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Meine Kenntnisse
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project management cto cio
infrastructure architechture
networking internationales
security interimsmanagement
it auditing siem
transition transformation

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Executive Summary Originating from the SF Bay Area (Silicon Valley), I have been in technology for well over 25 years - 15 of which I've been working as a successful self-employed independent consultant. I’ve worked extensively for everything from aggressive start-ups to very large global players (i.e. Zurich Insurance, UniLever, Philip Morris, BHP Billiton, IBM, Cisco, CitiBank, Travelers, Bank of America, etc.) Because technology is so pervasive, I have worked in several industries (banking, travel, consumer products, insurance, real estate, shipping, pharmaceutical, communications and technology - to name a few). My ability to swiftly adapt to new technologies, and interface with customers is very strong. I have been successful at quickly identifying the needs of customers and providing complete solutions in a professional manner. I pride myself on the strong relationships I build with my clients and the professional work ethic I abide by. I have worked with most main stream technologies (telephony, networks, office automation, financial softwares & systems) and I have a strong grasp of best business practices (budgeting, needs analysis, work flow, strategies, planning, deployment, etc.) I fully believe that technology is only a tool (and a powerful one at that!), and businesses need to learn how to use that tool more effectively. With my unique mixture of strong interpersonal and communication skills, combined with a very solid understanding of technology as a whole, I have been successful in helping companies realize this goal. Key Points: Over 25 years industry experience - Multiple industry exposure Global Player – Extensive background in large scale international projects (Have worked in Asia, Europe, N/S Americas) Strong communication and interpersonal skills – Able to communicate effectively throughout organizational levels (executive, mid-management, development/engineering, sales/marketing and end user community) Flexibility – cross/multiple platforms, technology focused Proven ability to absorb new technologies quickly and become an expert as needed (Just In Time Expertise) Senior IT Project Management (PMI/ITIL/Prince II/CoBIT) Extensive analytical, strategic and conceptual background Interims Executive Management Experience (CTO/CIO) Strong leadership competence & senior project management skills Service minded, meticulous & very detail oriented - Ability to transfer knowledge effectively Proven track record from aggressive startups to multi-national global companies (sterling references available) Excellent HR/team building/people management skills (various methodologies) Strong relationship management skills (external/internal) Multi-cultural experience (worldwide) – English (mother tongue) and proficient German language skills Result oriented, solution based Technical Highlights: Core technical strengths are Networking, Infrastructure & Security Business applications of technology, business process analysis/re-engineering & development cycles Auditing / Security Auditing / Compliance & Risk (ie. SOX (Sarbannes/Oxley, CoBIT, COSO experience) All mainstream operating systems, applications, networks, protocols and technologies. Office automation. Internet/Intranet, Security, architecture, development, infrastructure, strategic planning, systems integration, workflow and technology auditing. EDI (EDIFACT), DMS, CMS, E/M-Commerce, ERP, CRM, DRM, etc. Vertical market applications – POS Retail, Virtualisation technologies (VMware, Citrix, ZEN, KVM) Telephony/Mobile communications & technologies (Switch/PBX/VoIP/Voice Mail, IT Conversion) LAN/WAN, Client/Server, Cross platform, multi-protocol – heterogeneous platforms and environments Storage (NAS/SAN)/DB Warehousing/Datacenter architecture and design, deployment and migration